Power Saw Injuries?

Last updated on October 8, 2023

Do you have injuries from your power saw? Lawn mower? If you have serious injuries caused by defective machinery, you have a right to file a claim for your injuries, medical costs and lost wages. Makers of industrial equipment, automotive parts, consumer products and medical devices can be held liable when their products cause injuries. However, pursuing a claim without the help of an experienced attorney may not result in the compensation you deserve.

At Casartello & Murphy, LLC, we understand how difficult it is when you are facing devastating or life-threatening injuries from defective machinery. We have the experience you need to pursue optimum compensation. Call our firm at 413-351-0915 to speak with our knowledgeable lawyers today.

Products Liability Claims In Massachusetts Are Complex

Products liability laws also include manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers within the “chain of distribution.” At Casartello & Murphy, LLC, our attorneys can help you bring a products liability lawsuit against all parties responsible for the defective product. Let our comprehensive experience work in your favor if you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries from products, including:

  • Children’s items — Dangerous toy designs, safety gates, cribs, changing tables
  • Clothing — Pajamas manufactured without fire resistant material or other items designed with hazardous decorative objects
  • Household products — Space heaters, small appliances, toaster ovens, plumbing items, smoke detectors
  • Food and drugs — Bacterial contamination, untested drugs
  • Recreational equipment — Bicycles, helmets, barbeque grills, firearms

Do not wait to start on your claim. Contact our firm for personalized help seeking the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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