Are You Still In Pain After Surgery?

Last updated on October 8, 2023

Recovery times for surgical procedures vary. A lot depends on the nature of the surgery and the condition of your health before the procedure. However, if your physician ordered a surgical procedure for you, but you believe you are not getting the proper medical attention, you may have a right to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice claims are usually highly contested cases. Doctors almost always fail to admit any wrongdoing and can ordinarily find colleagues who will defend their professionalism. You will need an experienced lawyer who can dedicate time and resources to prove that the medical professional’s unreasonable conduct caused you harm.

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Are You In Worse Condition After Treatment From Your Health Care Professional?

If your doctor incorrectly diagnosed your illness, prescribed the incorrect dosage of medication, delayed treatment, or did not order a medical test, you may have a right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical staff, your physician and the hospital for your injuries. Our attorneys can help you pursue a medical malpractice claim in Massachusetts if you or a loved one experienced:

  • Careless transport by medical staff
  • Incorrect anesthesia procedures
  • Physician performing the wrong type of surgery
  • Surgical equipment left in after surgery
  • Birth injuries
  • Paralysis or spinal trauma
  • Severe infection

If you suspect you are suffering because of a mistake your doctor made, we urge you to act right away. Call our firm for a free case evaluation. We will give you honest counsel on your legal options for medical malpractice and other negligence cases.

Is Your Loved One Experiencing Abuse Or Neglect In A Long-Term Care Facility?

When your loved one is no longer feeling safe in a place where staff are responsible for their care and well-being, you can contact our firm to help you resolve the matter. The signs of nursing home neglect or abuse are not always obvious. However, you can act if you notice signs such as:

  • Unclean facilities
  • Unreasonable physical restraints
  • Malnourishment
  • Bedsores or bruises
  • Dehydration
  • Intentional physical or psychological abuse by staff members

No matter what type of nursing home abuse or neglect you are concerned about, you can contact Casartello & Murphy, LLC, to get personalized help to pursue effective personal injury solutions. Call our office in Springfield at 413-351-0915 or email us for a free consultation.