Who Is Liable To Pay For Dog Bite Injuries?

Do you have dog bite injuries? A dog bite can cause serious physical harm and permanent emotional scarring. Massachusetts General Laws (MGL), Chapter 140, Section 155, states that if a dog causes damages to a person or their property, the owner or keeper of the dog is liable for the damage. However, the owner or keeper will not be liable if the person was over the age of 7 years old, and was trespassing, committing a crime, teasing or abusing the dog.

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A dog cannot be considered a “dangerous dog” simply by its breed in Massachusetts. However, after reviewing credible proof, a judge of a district court may determine that a dog is dangerous. Dog owners face restrictions if the hearing authority determines that their dog is a “dangerous dog.” Restrictions include:

  • Confinement to the dog owner’s property such as in a pen, dog run, dog house or other proper shelter
  • Muzzle restraint and a leash no longer than 3 feet when the dog is off the owner’s property
  • Proof of insurance of the owner against loss, damage or injury caused by the dog
  • Provide identification of the dog to the animal control entity such as a photo, vet exam, tattoo or microchip
  • Alter the dog, unless there is proof of a medical condition that the dog should remain reproductively intact

The court can order euthanizing of the dog in extreme cases. Additionally, under MGL, Chapter 140, Section 159, if the dog has been deemed dangerous and the dog injures a person or goes after someone’s livestock or chickens, the dog owner shall be responsible to the injured person for three times the amount of damages the dog caused.

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