Common motor vehicle accident injuries

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Whiplash remains one of the most common injuries people experience after car accidents. When one driver hits another from behind on a Massachusetts street, the violent back-and-forth motion could cause harm to the neck ligaments. Most people realize that whiplash is a common injury, but they could be entirely unaware of the other possible harms accidents cause.

Impact leading to terrible injuries

When a driver or passenger experiences the violent impact of a car crash, the head could hit the dashboard or the windshield. The impact may lead to severe lacerations or a concussion. A trip to the emergency room seems advisable after such an obvious infliction of harm. However, not all harm is apparent, and accident victims might not go to a health care facility.

“Whiplash” might turn out to be a broken neck, and not seeking medical care may result in permanent paralysis. Bleeding might not come from lacerations on the head, as internal bleeding may be present. If not treated, internal bleeding could result in premature and avoidable deaths.

While many vehicle collisions cause little more than minor injuries and property damage, the chances of spinal harm exist. Drivers and passengers may suffer punctured lungs or experience cardiac arrest when hit by another vehicle.

Dealing with injuries and accidents

Again, seeking medical attention after car accidents seems advisable. Such may be the case even without showing the signs of injuries. Someone might go to an urgent care facility for a checkup, and the doctor recommends an emergency room visit upon suspecting worse problems than what the victim worries about.

Some might worry about the costs associated with medical care. An insurance claim or lawsuit settlement may provide compensation for medical care and other losses when hurt by a negligent party.


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