Recoverable damages after a car crash

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Massachusetts law provides compensation to car accident victims for damages they suffer due to these collisions. Here, we’ll cover the various types of damages that car accident victims are entitled to.

Whether the cause of an accident is mere negligence, impaired driving on the part of the party at fault, or something else, injured victims can claim the damages that we will discuss here.

Medical expenses

Motor vehicle accidents, especially ones that occur at high speeds and produce hard impacts, often result in serious physical harm to involved parties. The injuries often require extensive medical care to treat, sometimes lasting for months or even years.

Regardless of the seriousness of the injuries – which can range from a small bruise or cut to permanent disfigurement or injury – you have the legal right to request financial compensation to offset the costs of care.

Lost wages

If you are injured in a car accident and cannot work, you qualify for reimbursement to cover the financial loss that you incur due to your inability to work. The damages you receive will be commensurate with your occupation, your experience, your age, and other personal factors.

Loss of companionship

The law also provides for damages that might not be immediately obvious and might be more difficult to quantify than, for example, lost wages or medical care. Loss of companionship is sometimes called “loss of consortium” in the legal profession. These damages are filed for and collected by the injured party’s spouse.
Deceased car accident victims’ families may also be able to apply for and receive damages, depending on the depth of their personal relationship and the extent of the impact that their death had on them.

The recoverable damages that car accident victims are entitled to under Massachusetts law include medical expenses, lost wages, and lost companionship.


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