Improperly loaded cargo can lead to devastating truck accidents

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Massachusetts residents face serious danger if they’re involved in accidents involving a truck. One of the leading causes of these accidents is improperly loaded cargo.

What types of improper cargo loading can lead to accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents can occur when a truck’s cargo is improperly loaded. If cargo is unbalanced upon loading, it can tip over while the truck is moving. The uneven weight can cause excess strain on parts of the truck. A common issue is a tire blowout.

All commercial trucks are given a certain weight limit based on safety precautions. If the cargo is too heavy, it can overload the truck and cause an accident. Cargo can be littered onto the road or the truck itself can be affected. The driver could lose control and crash, which can cause catastrophic injuries to anyone on the road.

Another potential cause of truck accidents is cargo that’s not properly secured. In this situation, the cargo could come undone while the truck is moving. It could cause the truck to become unsteady as the driver tries to overcorrect. Things in the cargo can also fall off the truck and onto the road or worse, onto other vehicles.

Who is liable for an accident due to improper cargo loading?

Truck accidents caused by improper cargo loading can result in devastating injuries and even death. People who are injured will want to file personal injury claims to hold the at-fault party liable. However, liability can be complex depending on certain factors. In some cases, the trucking company could be liable.

Sometimes, the party that loaded the cargo is liable for any damages incurred by injured victims. Or more than one party might be liable. For example, if the trucking company improperly loaded the cargo but the driver was distracted, both parties could be sued for damages.

Whatever the case, it’s important to file your claim against the right party to recover your medical expenses and other damages.


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